About Hidalgo County Health & Human Services


Our vision is for all Hidalgo County residents to live in thriving communities where every person has the opportunity to achieve and maintain optimal health.


Hidalgo Co. HHS was established on January 1, 1933 and has since responded to public health issues such as disease outbreaks, water and food-borne illnesses, mosquito-borne illnesses, natural disasters, tuberculosis, and other communicable diseases.

The HCHHS core divisions include Human Services, Clinical Health Services, Immunization Services, Pulmonary Tuberculosis Clinic, Environmental Health Division, Emergency Preparedness and Response, Disease Surveillance, and the HidalGO FIT Wellness Program.

Public health is making a difference in our community. We are continuously battling new challenges because each year brings new diseases, new chronic disease risks, and more natural and man-made disasters.

Every new threat must be met with well-planned; evidence based coordinated actions that are executed by a public health response in order to prevent new epidemics and to halt the spread of disease.

We are about HEALTH.

Healthy People in Healthy Communities

Educational Outreach

Advocacy for Healthy Options

Leadership and Innovation

Training and Exercise

Helping To Protect and Promote Public Health

You are encouraged to explore this site for additional health and resource information.


Eduardo “Eddie” Olivarez, Chief Administrative Officer and the Public Health Team lead the public health efforts for Hidalgo Co. to promote and protect optimal public health and environmental quality across Hidalgo County through people, prevention and partnerships.

Traditional public health concerns such as disease outbreaks, environmental hazards and access to health care have been joined by current concerns: bioterrorism, crime, violence, and substance abuse. Each of these poses a threat to public health and wellness. And each calls for short and long-term solutions that lie well outside traditional public health boundaries. HCHHS is dedicated to providing essential public health services to empower the residents of Hidalgo County in order to improve their health status and achieve their future health goals.

We are committed to forging new relationships and collaborating with stakeholders throughout our county, region, state, and federal government. Our partners include: emergency management, first responders, medical service providers, Universities, County departments, City agencies, community-based organizations, schools, civic groups, and other stakeholders to address the myriad of health and safety issues impacting our population.